Be There Certificate

Learn to support someone struggling with their mental health through this online course created by in partnership with Born This Way Foundation.
Young person holding a certificate surrounded by a group of cheerful young people of diverse race, ability, gender, body shape.

About the Be There Certificate

The Be There Certificate is a free, self-paced learning experience designed to increase mental health literacy and provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to safely support anyone who may be struggling with their mental health. It provides a deep understanding of Be There’s 5 Golden Rules — a simple but actionable framework on how to recognize when someone might be struggling with their mental health, your role in supporting that person, and how to connect them to the help they deserve.

  • 6 interactive lessons
  • Less than 2 hours
  • Free of charge
  • Available in French, English and Spanish
  • Videos and real life scenarios
  • Unlimited access
Young person stares out a window looking depressed. Someone in the background looks concerned, empathetic.

You'll learn:

How to recognize signs of struggle

What to say to start the conversation

How to build trust and offer practical support

Tips to become a better listener

The importance of setting healthy boundaries

How to help someone access professional and community resources

How to maintain your own mental health

Young person stares out a window looking depressed. Someone in the background looks concerned, empathetic. A distraught young woman is sitting on the floor hugging her knees. A young man sits beside her looking concerned. Two young people biking. The cyclist in front is looking back to ensure the other is ok. Two young people chatting while driving a car. A symbolic illustration of a young person holding a giant marker drawing a line between them and another person. A nervous looking woman talking on the phone with a dog in her lap. Her friend stands beside her with a hand on her shoulder. A young woman reclining on a chair, exhausted. Around her are stacks of papers and a spilt cup of coffee.

Why get certified:

This course was an easy-to-use, straight forward and interactive way to further strengthen how  I can be there for my loved ones! I’m thankful to have access to a tool like this and recommend it to anyone who also wants to learn how to support their loved ones through difficult times.

Angelica Buccini | Youth mental health advocate

The Be There Certificate is a creative and engaging approach to learning how to safely support our friends and loved ones with their mental health. With encouraging prompts and a variety of interactive activities, the course supports several learning styles.

Joyce Erogun | Student Engagement Team Lead, SMH-ON

The Be There Certificate is an essential resource for any person looking to strengthen their knowledge about how to support folks in times of stress or struggle, as well as ways to care for ourselves when encountering difficulties. One of my favourite components of the course is its diversity, not only in the learning content, but also in the ways that different experiences, cultures, bodies, and languages are celebrated throughout the course. This course is relatable and practical and I’m eager to recommend it to community and colleagues alike!

Emily Sather | Mental Health Advocate, Disability Support Worker, Soon-to-be Social Worker

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Let’s create a world where we can all better support one another.

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This is not a site for personal disclosure of mental health distress, or suicidal thoughts or behaviours. If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call a helpline (like these), 9-1-1 or emergency services or go to your nearest emergency department for assistance.